Before your visit

If considering allergy testing, review our Medication to avoid before allergy testing and find out if you need to stop taking any medications and for how long.  This information will be sent to you with your initial New patient information packet. In order to provide you with a complete examination, plan to be here for two hours or more.  Inform staff about the reason that you are coming to see us as allergy testing is not indicated for all conditions.  Talk to our clinical staff about any specific questions you have on how to prepare for a visit.

Please call as soon as possible if you should need to reschedule your appointment.  You should arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment time so we may process your registration.  We strive to run on time, so we thank you for being ready to go!  Please call ahead with any questions. Your insurance eligibility is verified prior to your visit.

What to do

  • Request your referral ahead to avoid registration delays or possible rescheduling
  • Ask your doctor to forward for ER records, labs or CT scans if related to visit
  • Ask your health plan about allergy benefits and what they will cover
  • Let us know if you need assistance with referrals or need a cost estimate at least 48 hours before your visit.
  • Only stop using medications on our list.  Never stop heart or blood pressure meds.
  • Please do not bring food to our office and refrain from using perfumes or scented products before your visit.  Some of our allergy patients are extremely sensitive!

What to bring

  • A list of your medications, including vitamins, with doses and strength of each;
  • All health insurance cards AND a valid photo ID;
  • Completed patient registration form or please arrive 15 minutes earlier to fill out;
  • Your co-payment or deductible that is due at time of check-in—cash, check or credit card accepted.  We collect for service at the time of your visit.
  • Credit card on file agreements or payment plans are available for those who would like to pay after their claim processes.  You may set up ahead to simplify your visit.
  • Food for challenge testing-ask for complete instructions when making this appointment.

Testing  For the convenience of our patients, as well as helping to accurately diagnose your allergy or asthma problem, our doctors may decide to perform allergy skin testing at your first visit. Test results are known before you leave. Stop taking antihistamines, including over the counter cough and cold medicines and over the counter sleep aids, for 3 – 10 days before your visit.  Do not stop other medications, such as those prescribed for heart or asthma conditions.  Some medications may also affect test results, but should not be stopped without a doctor’s advice. Types of allergy testing:

Skin Testing  Inhalants, foods, stinging insect, drugs, latex.

Challenge testing for foods or some medications, cold

Patch Testing  for contact allergens.

RAST or Lab tests  Blood tests can be done at nearby facilities or at your doctor’s office.  Results typically available within one to two weeks.